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Gallstone Pain Relief

Gallbladder Hangover: gallstone pain relief ‘pleas’!

Fetus Position It’s somewhere between 2 and 8 am and you have, a little too successfully, enjoyed your Saturday night. You are feeling miserable lying on the bathroom floor praying for this hangover to stop. “I’ll be a better person”! “I’ll go to the gym this week”! “….I’m never drinking AGAIN”! We have all been there […]

Medical ID Jewelry is your most essential vacation item

Medical ID Jewelry: Your Most Essential Vacation Item

Make sure you pack your Medical ID Jewelry Hey folks! Oneida Medical here; so some of you know I just took a fabulous vacation to Florida. I fell in love with the sandy white beaches, bright blue waters, and constant sunshine (except for the periods of 30 minute thunderstorms that randomly appeared every single day). […]