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Some states restrict their residents to specific medical alert products or require you to order through a selected company.  Many do not but check with your doctor or do a search on Internet to learn if your state has these restrictions.   For the states not having special requirements you are free to purchase products of your choice.   It's important to list your doctor’s name and phone number who has a copy of your signed DNR form.  Emergency personnel may wish to confirm your wishes through your doctor before honoring the  instructions on your bracelet or necklace.
We are approved vendors for Washington DC and the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The items they approve are shown below.   For both states we must be provided with a copy of the signed DNR form for your state. 

For the state of Texas we show two suggested items, a stainless steel necklace and a stainless steel bracelet, however you are not restricted to just those two.  Check the rest of our website for other items you may prefer.

Emergency personnel and others needing high resolution copies, click here (or right click to download and save).
Click on the photos below to see larger versions.

These are the DNR Bracelets and Necklaces for Virginia

Stainless Steel Bracelet H, front and back. $22.95
Stainless Steel Bracelet H
Stainless Steel Bracelet H
Stainless Steel Bracelet G, front and back. $22.95
Stainless steel bracelet G
Stainless steel bracelet G

Stainless Steel Dogtag K
Stainless Steel Dogtag K
$19.95 + $3.00 shipping

Necklaces CX and C $14.95
(Both are engraved on the back)

Blue necklace is (D) (front and back) $19.95

Red necklaces are "D" and "E" $19.95

Shipping: $3.00

Order Form for Virginia DNR Bracelet,
Necklace or Dog Tag

Right click and "save target as" to download order forms - must have adobe acrobat reader to open.


These are the DNR Bracelets and Necklaces for Texas

Two items that Texas has seen and approved, however you are free to choose other styles. 
Go to our necklaces and bracelets pages for those

Bracelet G, front and back. $22.95
Texas DNR bracelet

Shipping: $3.00

To order the Texas DNR bracelet or necklace just go to our bracelets and necklaces pages and order there.

Texas DNR

Necklace C $14.95
(Engraved front and back)


This is a link to the Texas website
regarding their DNR Program


DC DNR Bracelet G
DC Comfort Care Bracelet G
This bracelet is for District of Columbia residents.
More info. is engraved on the back.

Shipping: $3.00

Ordering your EMS Comfort Care Bracelet
District of Columbia

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